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You earn commissions every time someone uses their card

GS Lifestyle Concierge Services
24/7 global support in multi-languages, including Mandarin
Up to 30% discounts on hotels and travel
Up to 15% instant rewards from high street retailers
24/7 professional private VIP Concierge service for solid gold card holders

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XLT is
Tokenized Commercial Real Estate

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This is Lydian World

GS Smart Finance
Blockchain Property-backed Investments, Cryptocurrency Lending & more.

Blockchain Chat App
Safe, Secure and Un-hackable

Blockchain Academy

We'll educate you about crypto, the blockchain and more
In our video Blockchain Education Academy

Gold Standard Group

G999 Ecosystem

GSP Products

Current & Future

Market Place
Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Palladium
Physical & Tokenized
Coming Soon

Blockchain Email
Safe, Secure, Un-hackable

Our Own
​Crypto Exchange

G999 Deflationary Token
Powers Our Ecosystem


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Web Based Crypto Wallet

Personal Computer PC Wallet

Payment Processor

POS Point Of Sale
Coming Soon

Crypto Explorer

Deflationary Explorer

Community Burner

Facebook Is A Private Members Only Group

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Don't know anything about Bitcoin, crypto or the blockchain?
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Crypto ​what is it?

What is the Blockchain?

What is the blockchain continued.

Crypto for beginners

How can blockchains be used?

19 Industries Blockchain will disrupt

Here are some ways you can buy bitcoin and other cryptos

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